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Supply Chain Management Diploma Supply Chain Management Diploma

+ Program Dates

Program starting on:
  • 16-12-2017
  • 22-12-2018
  • 11-07-2020

+ Overview:

Earn your Diploma in Supply Chain Management from RITI. Integrated End to End Supply Chain Management Diploma focus of practicality and hands on experience (No-Frills), include all supply chain management processes & functions in addition to exposure to all supportive functions, structured glocally.

In the highest-level positions, supply chain function duties often overlap. Because of the complex nature of the supply chain, RITI's diploma in Supply Chain Management provides continuing education opportunities that can position you for career advancement. To stay on top of this rapidly changing industry, you’ll gain critical insight through the knowledge of case studies, real-world strategies and examples, as well as networking opportunities with other students and professionals. The end result: You’ll acquire the essential tools and techniques to master all facets of integrated supply chain management.

+ Key Benefits

Upon the completion of the diploma, the participant will be able to;
•    Successfully integrate procurement, operations and logistics management
•    Implement the best supply chain design for your organization
•    Achieve effective and efficient logistical operations through your market distribution strategy development, implementation and management
•    Analyze types of power and resolve conflict in your channels
•    Evaluate and select the appropriate channel structure(s) based on cost and profitability


+ Outlines

The diploma is composed of 11 Modules: Introduction Module + 6 Operational Modules + 4 Supportive Modules

  • Module (01) Introduction “Introduction to Supply Chain Management” (12 Hours)
  • Module (02) Plan “Operations Planning & Control” (36 Hours)
  • Module (03) Procure “Procurement, Negotiation & Suppliers Management” (18 Hours)
  • Module (04) Store “Warehouse Management & Material Handling” (12 Hours)
  • Module (05) Execute “Projects & Operations Management” (12 Hours)
  • Module (06) Excel “Supply Chain Operational Excellence” (36 Hours)
  • Module (07) Move “International Trade, Shipping & Logistics Management” (18 Hours)
  • Module (08) Promote & Sell “Sales & Marketing for Supply-Chainers” (12 Hours)
  • Module (09) Finance “Finance for Supply-Chainers” (6 Hours)
  • Module (10) Digitize “Digitization & Technology Enablement in Supply Chain” (6 Hours)
  • Module (11) Strategize “Strategic Management for Supply-Chainers” (12 Hours)


+ Participants Profile

The diploma is designed for Supply chain management professionals and practitioners who are specialized in planning, procurement, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, continuous improvement, project management, Distribution, and retail.
We Target the people who have passion in being the business power trains, frontline managers, change agents, cost killers, revenue generators, business developers and entrepreneurs

+ Prerequisites

• Graduates with 2 years to 10 years of experience in SCM • Passing a positioning Interview with counselors • Fair English • PC literacy

+ Instructors' Profile

This program is led by a group of instructors who are known for their long significant teaching experience which is centered on supply chain management throughout its different phases, in addition to their professional background that is needed to involve extensive exposure to case studies and experiential exercises and to help join usual lecturing with case studies and discussions to enhance the training experience.

+ Practical Information

Duration: 180 hours.
Schedule: Once a week – Full day (Saturdays from 10:00 till 16:00)
Registration Requirements: Registration form, copy of ID, copy of graduation certificate and a photo.