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Strategy Dynamics Workshop Strategy Dynamics Workshop

+ Overview:

The Regional IT Institute in cooperation with Strategy Dynamics Solution, the United Kingdom (SDS), which is founded by Dr. Kim Warren, is organizing a 2-day Strategy Dynamics workshop. The workshop gives you the answers of many strategic questions; what should your company be concentrating on right now? Spending more on marketing?  Winning customers?  Retaining staff?  Or building more production capacity?
It can be hard for managers to decide how the neat bullet-points of a mission statement translate into real decisions and practical action, in addition, conventional strategy tools don't link business decisions to business results in a measurable, transparent way, although STRATEGY DYNAMICS does.

+ Objectives:

Setting a clear performance objective and understand the key drivers of your business.
Dealing with strategic opportunities and challenges facing your organization.
Putting together a rigorous, fact-based and holistic picture of these challenges.
Exploring alternative strategic choices and scenarios, and implement the most productive action plans

+ Outlines:

Introductory Brands Microworld Business simulation exercise.
The time-path of performance: how to set strategic performance objectives.
Identifying resources and linking them to your performance objective.
MyStrategytm software tutorial.
The strategic architecture: pinpointing the challenge and size of the opportunity.
Developing resources (including assessing the impact of intangible resources and rivalry)
Dynamic decision-making using the Consumer Services Microworld

+ Speaker:

Prof. Kim Warren; Professor at London Business School, Chairman of Strategy Dynamics Solutions, UK & Author of the best seller Competitive Strategy Dynamics

+ Target Group:

Mid-Senior Executives who have fair experience of strategy development and implementation.

+ Language:

The Workshop will be conducted in English Language.

+ Duration:

2 Days, 16 hours (from 9:00 to 17:00).