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Marketing for Services Marketing for Services

+ Overview

Do you know what your customers truly want from you? How do they receive your services offerings in the way that works best for them? What is the service experience they are seeking? Many of today’s most successful and innovative companies know that “merely good” customer service is not good enough. In their ongoing efforts to remain competitive, they have abandoned the existing service model with its built-in cycle of failure that punishes customers, employees, and shareholders because it no longer works. Instead, all these organizations large and small, public and private, and for-profit and not-for-profit have embraced a more effective approach advocated by Nobel Mantrich Service Marketing Centre through the analysis of firms excelling in services.

+ Objectives

•Preparing senior executives to outdistance merely good competitors and propel their service to breakthrough levels.
•Provide participants an opportunity to spend time engaged in focused dialogue and problem solving with a world-class cutting-edge expert in services who is thoroughly grounded in best practice service business applications

+ Outlines

•Understanding Customer Expectations and Perceptions
•Specifying Service Standards and Offerings
•Delivering Service
•Communicating with Customers

+ Participants’ Profile:

CEOs, Executives in Marketing, Operations or Business Development, New Product or Service Developers, Marketing Managers Customer Service or Customer Advocacy Managers, Business Leaders, Strategic Planners, Business Development Managers, Service Operations or Service Quality Manager, Professionals of any kind who must understand how to use services as a source of competitive advantage.

+ Duration

24 hours - 3 Days