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Directing Strategy: The Boards Role Workshop Directing Strategy: The Boards Role Workshop

+ Program Dates

Program starting on:
  • 22-02-2016

+ Overview

This Program addresses the fundamental role of all directors and boards - setting the strategic direction of the organization. It examines the issues, practices and processes that contribute to achieving successful strategic leadership. It also provides directors with the knowledge and understanding to help improve their board and deals with the formulation and implementation of corporate business strategies. The Program examines what is "good strategy", as well the practices and processes that contribute to successful strategy development. A powerful strategy makes a powerful competitor. And in today's hyper competitive marketplace, a company must be a powerful competitor to survive. But what are the ingredients of a good strategy and what are the most effective methods for implementing that strategy? This Program prepares Directors to anticipate and respond to the accelerating pace of global competition and technological innovation.

+ Key benefits

- The role of the board in setting strategy and monitoring performance.
- Overview of strategic management processes from a corporate governance perspective.
- Using strategy to gain strategic advantage, reduce risk and avoid personal liability.

+ Outlines

- The Board's role in developing "good" strategy.
- Preparing the Board for strategic readiness.
- Developing a Director's strategic frame of mind.
- Best practices and processes of the Board for successful strategic breakthroughs.
- Thinking six steps ahead of the competitor's Board in the market.
- The Board's role in directing strategic implementation.
- How Directors communicate and monitor the company's strategy.

+ Participants' Profile

Chairmen, Managing Directors, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Executive and non-executive directors including owner-managed companies, newly appointed directors or those seeking appointment to the role. Suitable for directors unfamiliar with recent techniques for providing strategic direction.

+ Duration

21 hours: 3 days

+ Instructor Profile: Martin Testa

Mr. Martin Testa; CEO of Nobel Mantrich ltd. Instructor with international experience and is selected for his specialist knowledge, directing experience and facilitation skills

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Nobel Mantrich Ltd.

Nobel Mantrich Ltd. is the definitive source for research and education on the topic of Service Excellence in the EU. SMC acts as a trusted education and consulting partner delivering world-class executive programs, research projects and facilitating the recruitment of qualified services marketing professionals.