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Effective Negotiation Skills Course Effective Negotiation Skills Course

+ Program Dates

Program starting on:
  • 10-02-2016
  • 14-04-2016
  • 28-11-2016
  • 27-04-2017
  • 12-11-2017
  • 10-12-2017

+ Overview

Negotiation can have a far-reaching effect on company profits. It is what makes the difference between mere sale which may not do much for profits, and a profitable deal. This training program will help your sales force to bring home many profitable deals. Delegates spend time practicing the techniques and learning how to improve their performance. At the end of the course delegates should have clear ideas about how and when to change a sale into a negotiation, and how to conduct it so that your company’s financial objectives are secured.

+ Outlines

• Why Negotiation Matters?
• The Strategy of Negotiation
• The Tactics of Negotiation
• Planning for Negotiation
• Face-to-Face

+ Key Benefits

Upon the completion of the program participants will be able to:
• Recognize when persuasive techniques are more appropriate than negotiation techniques.
• Prepare an effective strategy and plan for negotiating.
• Bargain effectively.
• Identify and recognize the implications of power, how to gain and hold it.
• Signal a willingness to negotiate without reducing power.

+ Participants' Profile

Individuals untrained in negotiation, whether experienced in selling or not, senior representatives, key account salespersons, sales managers/directors, any one with power to negotiate, rather than sell.

+ Practical information

Location: Regional IT Institute Premises
Duration: 16 hours- 2 Weeks
Schedule: Twice a week from 18:00 to 22:00
Registration Requirements: Registration form and 2 photos