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Train The Trainer Professional Diploma Train The Trainer Professional Diploma

+ Program Dates

Program starting on:
  • 20-02-2016
  • 30-07-2016
  • 28-01-2017
  • 15-07-2017
  • 02-12-2017
  • 16-12-2017
  • 08-09-2018
  • 03-11-2018
  • 01-12-2018
  • 26-01-2019
  • 23-03-2019
  • 20-07-2019
  • 02-11-2019
  • 25-07-2020

+ Overview

One of the biggest challenges in an instructor career is to efficiently conduct the training session. The ability to develop, design and, above all, deliver a training program is a key factor for an effective trainer. Trainer is required to manage interpersonal relations within the classroom and be aware of coaching skills at a deep psychological level. Equipped with these, trainers will be able to develop productive training programs through their career.

+ Key benefits

By the end of this diploma participants will be able to:

  • Understand the core competencies of a trainer’s profession in a way that impact organization excellence.
  • Utilize various assessment tools effectively to maximize the value of training as a performance improvement tool.
  • Design and develop full training toolkit that reflects on the training objectives as well as the organization culture.
  • Master trainer’s skills in a way that is capitalized on the ROI (Return on Investment) as well as ROE (Return on Expectations).
  • Assess the training impact as part of the organization development strategies.

+ Outlines

The TOT Diploma is aiming to prepare the participants to train and qualify the trainer candidate to get acquainted with the necessary knowledge to start like a professional trainer who is equipped with all the training qualifications which make him capable of analysing, designing and developing lots of influential training courses professionally.

This diploma contains 5 modules as follows:

Training as a Performance Improvement Tool (12 Hours)

  • Purpose and Goals of Performance Improvement
  • Business, Performance and Gap Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Approaches for Selecting Improvement Solutions
  • How to evaluate the Performance Improvement Solution
  • Towards an Energetic and Effective Training Experiences
    • Facilitation Methods
    • Project Management Tools and Techniques
    • Communication Techniques and Tools
    • Group Dynamics Process

 Instructional Design (12 Hours)

  • Theories of Learning and Memory
  • Individual Learning Preferences
  • Instructional Design Theories
    • The ADDIE Model
    • Theory of Behavioral Objectives
    • Leaving ADDIE for SAM: A Way to Better and Faster Training Products
    • SAM (Successive Approximation Method and the SAVVY Start)
  • Assessment Methods and Formats
    • Why Needs Assessment?
    • Types of Needs Analysis and Tools
    • Results of Needs Assessment

Design and Development Process (12 Hours)

  • Basics of Course Design and Development
  • How to Write Objectives for Training
  • Types and Rationale of Sequencing
  • Basics of Design Process and Course Development
  • Various Instructional Methods
  • Aligning Instructional Methods to Course Content, Target Audience and Course Duration
  • Delivery Options and Media: An Activity is worth thousand lines!
  • The Trainer Toolkit: Preparing a Media Tool/Simulation/Pre and Posttests/ Exercise.
  • Group Vs. Individual Activities

Training Delivery (36 Hours)

  • Learning Styles Inventories
  • Adults Psychometric Pattern
  • Adults Learning Rates
  • Choosing Your Instructional Strategy
  • Facilitation and Presentation Tools and Techniques
  • Icebreakers, Openers, Energizers and Closing Activities
  • The Debrief is more important than the Activity Itself!
  • The Questioning Techniques
  • The Trainer: An Inspiring coach
    • Co-creating Call to Action
    • Debriefing, Reflecting and Measuring Results
  • Preparing for Delivery
    • Preparing Content
    • Presentation Notes
    • Rehearsals
  • Trainer Code of Ethics and Related Copyright Fair Use Practices

 Evaluating the Learning Impact (12 Hours)

  • Theories and Types of Evaluation
  • Statistical Theories and Methods
  • Research Design
  • Analysis Methods
  • Learning Analytics
  • Interpretations and Reporting of Data

+ Participants' Profile

This program is designed for trainers who need to upgrade their training skills, individuals who wish to be trainers in the purpose of acquiring training education plus sharpening their interpersonal skills, and individuals who work in human resources development, managerial level involved in training their teams, adult learning activities, interactive learning sessions, and public interactive seminars.

+ Instructors' Profile

This program is led by instructors with long significant teaching experience centered on soft skills training as well as train of the trainers, in addition to their professional background that helps join usual lecturing with case studies and discussions to enhance the training experience.


+ Practical information

Location: Regional IT Institute Premises.
Duration: 84 Hours – 4 months.
Schedule: Once a week from 10:00 to 16:00.
Registration Requirements: Registration form and 2 photo.