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The New Sales Professional Diploma The New Sales Professional Diploma

+ Overview

 "Nothing Happens until someone sells something" (Henry Ford).....This is simply how important sales is.

The new Professional Sales Diploma is designed to help sales professionals and sales managers establish the right sales modules that better fits their organizations' specific need. The Target is to enhance and strengthen the sales role to achieve the business goals in both short and long terms.

The new Professional Sales Diploma is designed to help sales professionals improve, enhance and sharpen their skills to better understand their target customers and their buying process, improve their selling skills and tactics and to learn how to manage and supervise their teams. 

+ Key Benefits

 After completing this program, the participants will have both individual and organizational benefits. The individual part being able to carve a successful sales career up to the successful senior sales management level.

The organizational part includes the ability to leverage individual effort as well as team integrated effort and organization to maximize the outcomes of the sales organization with the highest efficiency. Another organizational improvement is achieving a successful sales culture and atmosphere where the sales team is well positioned within the organization and motivated up to their maximum. 

+ Outlines

1. Challenging the Basics

 1.1 Why people (B/C) buy, and How (Value and Motives)       4 Hrs

 1.2 Sales Process / How people buy                                       8 Hrs

 1.3 Know your customer, Product, Competitor before selling  4 Hrs


 2. Selling Skills & Tactics (Across Sales Process)

 2.1 Identifying customer needs and wants                           4 Hrs

 2.1 Presenting your offering (Product/ Service)                     4 Hrs

 2.3 Handling Customers Objections                                     4 Hrs

 2.4 Negotiation Skills & Tactics                                               8 Hrs

 2.5 Sealing the Deal / Closing Skills                                        8 Hrs 


 3. Supervisory / Managerial Skills

 3.1 Introduction to Sales Management                                     8 Hrs

 3.2 Sales Strategy, Goals and Objectives                                 4 Hrs

 3.3 Time Management: Prioritize to increase your productivity 8 Hrs

 3.4 Funnel Management and opportunity management            8 Hrs

 3.5 Sales Planning and Forcasting                                            8 Hrs

 3.6 Sales Metrics and KPI's                                                       8 Hrs

 3.7 Performance Monitoring and Appraisal                               4 Hrs

 3.8 Inevitable finance knowledge for sales professionals         4 Hrs


 4. Specialized Topics

 4.1 Key Account Management                                                 16 Hrs

 4.2 Tender / Auction Management                                             8 Hrs


+ Participants Profile

 The Professional Sales Diploma is designed for a wide range of groups:

* It fits sales professionals with a brief experience as one to three years. For this group, the Professional Sales Diploma installs the Foundation of sales and lays out the different routes of sales as well as the needed skills and tools for each.

* It also serves the more experienced sales professionals with about a decade of experience. For this group the Professional Sales Diploma has a very important role in recapping what had been missing through the sales journey so far. This is far more important than getting new experience or knowledge because once it is passed, it can be missed forever. The Professional Sales Diploma makes sure there are no gaps or unnoticed holes in the sales experience weaver that this segment has been developing for nearly a decade. The second function that Professional Sales Diploma serves for this group is building the next level of structured sales career excellence through completing the mix of sales roles, leading sales efforts and plans as well as managing key customer accounts.

* The last audience group is sales managers with less than five years sales experience. For this group Professional Sales Diploma makes sure the sales function is clearly laid out in the audience minds as well as different team members' roles and responsibilities. It makes sure the manager has no blind spots in this critical position. Professional Sales Diploma has two more focus areas for this group: First introducing the effective mix of sales management including sales and people. Secondly, designing and managing sales organization including organizing people and jobs as well as effective flow within the sales organization. 


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+ Practical Information

Location: Regional IT Institute. Duration: 120 Hrs. Schedule: Saturdays from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm. Registration: - Registration form. - Copy of graduation certificate. - Copy of ID. - Two recent photos.

+ Key Benefits

+ Outlines

+ Instructor's Profile

+ Participants Profile

+ Practical Information