Short Term Programs

Business Insights through Data Analysis Business Insights through Data Analysis

+ Program Dates

Program starting on:
  • 10-01-2016
  • 16-02-2016
  • 27-03-2016
  • 10-04-2016
  • 06-11-2016
  • 18-12-2016
  • 25-10-2018
  • 23-07-2020

+ Program Overview

In today’s world data flows everywhere and is collected from multiple sources like spreadsheets and databases and even things like IOT devices and mobile platforms, but making sense of the data and communicating it to others is not an easy task. Business executives today want to hear and see the results in a way that is more efficient and engaging as possible. The Business Insights through Data Analysis course will provide the participant with a deeper knowledge and better understanding of how to handle and present the data at hand for a better and more educated decision making process.

+ Content

In this data analysis and statistics course, you’ll discover effective strategies and tools to master the process of interpreting and communicating your data analysis. This course will empower you with proven business analytic methods and boost your confidence for effective communication of insights.

The course contains 9 modules which are as follows:

  • Why Decision Making? Role of business intelligence?
  • Who are involved? Internal Staff or Customers?
  • Decision making process
  • Asking the Right Question?(data scales)
  • Identifying the Key Variables and Factors.
  • Types of Data and Scales: Quantitative Vs. Qualitative
  • How to get the data? Primary vs. Secondary
  • Understanding our Data using excel:

-Data visualization

-Data Representations using Descriptive statistics

-Pivot tables

-Inferential using comparing means

  • New trends in data analysis: big data, GIS & data mining


+ Key Benefits

Upon the completion of the program, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the methods needed to translate business needs into measurements
  • Use statistical and visualization methods to deliver insight
  • Understand the how and why of cause and effect is the heart of business analytics
  • Use and follow guidelines for communicating to business stakeholders

+ Participants’ Profile

The Business Insights through Data Analysis course is for anybody involved in data analysis. On completing this course the participant will leave with the knowledge and know-how to handle any amount of data whether it is big or small and represent it in an efficient and engaging way.


+ Instructors’ Profile

The instructors of the Business Insights through Data Analysis course not only have a long academic and theoretical background but also have many years of practical experience in data analysis at the highest levels.

+ Practical Information

Location: Regional IT Institute Premises. Duration: 24 hours Schedule: 3 full days from 09:00 to 17:00 Registration Requirements: Registration, copy of graduation certificate, copy of ID and 2 photos