Northeast Training Group (NTG) Northeast Training Group (NTG)

NTG Egypt is licensed by NTG of America to expand their training offerings into the Egyptian market with the mission of: “providing participants with “Must Have” Skills to heighten their ability to improve and maintain job performance to support strategic corporate business goals. NTG-Egypt maintains a policy of objectivity and client focus through its decision to use only the very best professional instructors. 




What we’ve accomplished over our brief years at RITI cannot all be measured by a grade point average; it can neither be conveyed with a transcript, nor summarized in a degree. For in addition to our quality education from the classroom, we’ve received an education in life from each other. Since the program attracts people from all fields of work and educational backgrounds, there is usually an "expert" in class for just about any subject and any industry. Everyone in class becomes a resource and is part of your everyday learning experience. It's drastically different from the way things are taught in a scientific discipline. Bassem Youssef Manager, Customer Experience Mobinil Best Student – Marketing 2005