RITI is proudly offering new training programs ..

RITI is proudly offering new training programs ..

In today’s business market upgrading employee skills and learning makes sense. It starts from day one, and becomes successive as your employees grow. Granted, it may take some time to see a return on your investment, but the long-term gains associated with employee training makes a difference. The short-term expense of a training program ensures that you retain qualified and productive employees, who will not only help but will ensure your company’s grow and success.


Ever since its inception 25 years ago, RITI has realized this value of being one of the pioneers in the professional training industry. RITI has been using internationally accredited standards and techniques to provide advanced knowledge, training programs and courses designed to empower professionals with the knowledge and edge they need to compete in global business markets.


From this aspect, we are always keen to provide our clients with the best training programs in terms of quality and knowledge, that’s why we have launched recently a number of new programs that not only meets but exceed our customers’ needs.


Starting with the “Supply Chain Management Diploma” which will start on the 16th of December, it is a unique integrated End to End diploma that focuses on practicality and hands on experience (No-Frills), this includes all supply chain management processes & functions in addition to exposure to all supportive functions structured globally.


RITI sensed the need for a new version of its Art of Marketing Diploma, which will facilitate the market, learners, and business professionals in such a dynamic and changing field. So to add a new dimension RITI has partnered with AIM Consulting to offer an all new “Applied Professional Marketing Diploma” and “Applied Digital Marketing Strategy Program”


RITI grabbed the opportunity to make a special and unique program for professionals in the Egyptian market who don’t have the time to conduct a full MBA for two years. Through our “Mini- MBA Program” the participant is exposed to key management concepts that drive organizational growth, from finance to marketing to human resource management and business leadership, you the participant will gain solid and cohesive insights and understanding of each function and how it contributes to organizational success.


Given the current economic circumstances and the major changes in the finance, investment and banking sectors, we are launching a number of new programs that are relevant to all professionals in these sectors such as financial analysis, corporate valuation…etc.


It is also worth mentioning that we are going to launch in the beginning of 2018 our new “Banking Diploma”. This diploma opens up a wider range of financial disciplines for deeper and further study. This comes as the curriculum covers a range of topics that will allow participants to further investigate specific interests to match their career and enhance their knowledge.