Since its inception in 1992, thousands of students have graduated in RITI’s different Training Development Programs as well as the Academic Degree Programs. RITI’s alumni are combined of more than 30 nationalities, working in various managerial levels and represent virtually all business sectors. In 2004 RITI launched RITI Alumni Association (RITIAA) for the Academic Degree Programs’ graduates. RITIAA is an organization that fosters intellectual and emotional fellowship through quality services, programs, and benefits, as well as building lifelong relationships with the graduates of the different post-graduate degree programs. RITIAA’s mission extends to providing an on-going connection between the alumni and the institute’s community while developing positive goodwill, support, and loyalty to RITI.
Alumni Services

  • Refreshment Courses

    RITI is always keen to provide its Alumni a continuous learning experience and regularly allow them to attend a number of courses that they have previously attended through their original programs.
  • Special Alumni Programs

    Every year RITI holds a number of 1-day programs that especially targeting the Alumni and that are believed to be of special value to them and hitting on up-to-date topics and issues. RITI offers the WEW Series of events (Wednesday Evening Workshops) primarily aiming at the Alumni. Some of those programs are completely offered for free.
  • Networking / Social Events

    RITI throws at least one Networking Event every year for its alumni from different programs. Those events are usually attended by some of the faculty who taught the various courses attended by the alumni.
  • Knowledge Stream Series

    It's a series of events that is held by RITI, which one of RITI's Alumna plays the role of the session moderator and shares his/her experience or his/her own case study with his fellow RITI alumni. Each session is moderated by a different Alumna and covers a different discipline.
  • Library

    All RITI's alumni are granted a lifetime access to RITI's specialized library.
  • Discounts

    RITI's alumni can be granted different discount rates in some of RITI's Academic Degree Programs or Professional Training Programs.

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