The Regional IT Institute was established in 1992 as a center of excellence for the design, delivery and dissemination of training and professional development programs in a variety of domains and fields aiming at the formulation of world class managers, experts, practitioners and trainers. The... Click for details..


RITI's target is linking people to business management and information technology, through the provision of executive and professional non-degree programs as well as academic post-graduate degree programs. The scope of activities could be demonstrated as to include: - Academic Degree... Click for details..

About RITI

The Regional IT Institute was established in 1992 as a center of excellence for the design, delivery and dissemination of training and professional development programs in a variety of domains and fields aiming at the formulation of world class managers, experts, practitioners and trainers.

The Regional IT Institute is a non-profit regional training and human resource development institute that, since its inception, was established to become one of the leading institutions in the region in training and professional development. Its mandate is the design and delivery of academic and training development programs to help leverage skills and knowledge in various management, business, and information technology fields. As a regional entity, it serves the region through its operations and activities and the exchange of knowledge and experience with regional institutions through the joint development and implementation in various countries. The Regional IT Institute employs instructors and lecturers from Egypt, the Middle East, Europe, the United States and Canada.

The Regional IT Institute is a subsidiary of the Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center (RITSEC). RITSEC was founded in 1992 by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Arab Fund for Social & Economic Development (AFSED) and is hosted by the Egyptian government through the Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC), it was conceived by Dr. Hisham El Sherif; RITSEC Chairman to help accelerate the development of the information technology and software engineering industry in the Arab region. As a non-profit organization, it was originally supported financially by contributions from its founders as well as by designing and delivering various projects and activities for sustainable purposes.

To be The Leading Regional Training Provider with the determination and commitment to educate and train people through innovative training solutions.

To promote a highly qualified and developed generation in the region through education, training, knowledge creation and dissemination in the fields of business, management, information and communication technologies. At RITI we are building on a tradition of excellence and meeting the challenges of the future to contribute to the business & socioeconomic growth in the Region. Our challenge is to maintain to be one of the main organizations in the creation of knowledge and advanced learning.

All programs organized by RITI and/or in coordination with its partners are delivered using a variety of educational and training methodologies, tools and techniques to suit the market needs. This includes lecture sessions, hands-on-training, video based sessions, case studies, projects and field work. Among methodologies used: Competency-Based Models for Training Needs Assessment and Kirkpatrick Approach (Reaction, Learning, Behavior, & Results) For Training Programs Evaluation

• Delivering World-class Academic Degree Programs on the levels of the maser and doctoral degrees
• Providing Professional Training Programs in different management and IT topics 
• Research
• Consultancy
• Train of the Trainers

RITI’s premises enjoy a very exceptional location in the heart of Cairo, sited in one of the most refined districts in Egypt; Zamalek in one of a kind old-time palace. In RITI we believe that the venue and the physical facilities reflect the quality of the education offered, hence it is always a top priority to keep RITI’s facilities up-to-date and in the best shape. 

RITI premise is comprised of four buildings, two outstanding gardens, and a parking lot. All four building are equipped with the latest Video-Audio Technology. The facilities comprise thirteen fully equipped lecture rooms that seat between 12 to 80 participants per room with a total capacity to accommodate up to 350 participants simultaneously. All lecture rooms have data-shows, overhead projectors, televisions, VCRs, flipcharts, and whiteboards. 

Additionally; there are two fully equipped computer labs each with between 10-20 PCs with a total capacity of 40 PCs capable of accommodating up to 80 participants on 2 to 1 basis simultaneously. All computers are linked via a LAN giving students access to shared resources (file servers, laser printers, etc.) and have full multimedia capabilities. In addition, the equipment available includes digital cameras, scanners, and video grabbers. All machines have full high speed Internet access. RITI premises as a whole are covered with wireless internet connection. 

The classrooms settings can be easily changed to accommodate and support the training methodology used in the different programs. For the convenience of the students, RITI’s premise also provides a cafeteria that serves the students before and during their classes’ times. 

RITI also has a specialized library with diversified books, references and journals in topics related to management development and IT. The library is supported by an On-Line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) using the Library Information System to facilitate the students search for materials and books reservations. The students have access to online international libraries including the EBSCO Library.

The beneficiaries and the participants of the different degree and non-degree programs vary according to the content of each program and the method of delivery whether focusing on technical issues or managerial aspects. Respectively, the beneficiaries of the programs delivered by the institute and/or with its partner institutions and alliances include:

• Top & Senior Executives
• First line & Middle Managers
• Trainers, Instructors & Lecturers
• Professionals & Practitioners
• Technical Support Teams


  • Dr. Hisham El-Sheirf; Chairman, RITSEC


  • Ambassador Dr. Mohamed Shaker; Chairman, RITI


  • Dr. Moatassem Bellah Kaddah; Executive Director, RITI