Short Term Programs

Short Term Programs

RITI's Training Development Programs department provides programs and courses designed to provide industry professionals with the needed tools and techniques to effectively and professionally compete in the global business markets with internationally accredited standards and successful techniques. Based on RITI’s continuous success in the field of professional training programs it has been chosen by the Industrial Training Council (ITC) in Egypt as a “training provider” to be one of a few training entities that are known for their excellence to undertake the mission of developing and modernizing the industrial sector in Egypt. The institute organizes a large number of courses, which represents a series covering current trends and directions in professional and executive development globally. The courses are organized to highlight on the major management, business, economic and technological issues facing today’s organizations while striving to compete in an ever growing and competitive global market.
In addition, one of the main deliverables of RITI is the tailor made programs which are customized to meet each organization special training needs. The tailor made programs can take different models; it might be organized solely by RITI, by RITI and a Local Partner, or by RITI and an international partner.