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Mini MBA Program Mini MBA Program

+ Program Dates

Program starting on:
  • 12-09-2015
  • 16-04-2016
  • 21-05-2016
  • 25-02-2017
  • 28-08-2017
  • 22-10-2017
  • 30-12-2017

+ Program Overview

RITI’s Mini-MBA is a com¬pre¬hen¬sive busi¬ness lead¬er¬ship and man¬age¬ment devel¬op-ment pro¬gram that pro¬vides leading-edge busi¬ness skills, coach¬ing and lead¬er¬ship train¬ing to help pro¬pel your career forward.
At the end of this pro¬gram, you will have been exposed to key man¬age¬ment con-cepts that drive organizational growth. From finance to mar¬ket¬ing to human resource man¬age¬ment, and busi¬ness lead¬er¬ship, you will gain solid and cohe¬sive insights and under¬stand¬ing of each func¬tion and how it con¬tributes to orga¬ni¬za¬tional success.
While a Mini-MBA can¬not replace the depth of an MBA, it offers a con¬cise and dynamic approach which rapidly pre¬pares you to han¬dle new sce¬nar¬ios as a smart mid¬dle man¬ager while strength¬en¬ing your pro¬duc¬tiv¬ity, con¬fi¬dence and decision-making abilities.

+ Outlines

The main outlines for the 8 modules of the programs are as follows;
1•    Business in Global Context (16 hours)
o    The logic of International Business: An Overview of Standard International Trade Theories.
o    The Environment of International Business
o    International Business Strategies and Tactics
o    Special Issues in International Business.
o    Common and Conflicting Interest of Countries
o    How Do Processes of Countries in Transition Affect International Business?

2•    Creating, Structuring and Managing Organizations (20 hours)
o    Organization Structure and Design
o    Team Building and Leadership Role
o    Management and Leadership of Organizational Change and Learning
o    Characteristics and Types of Organizational Culture
o    Strategies for Conflict Management
o    Role of Effective Communication in the Organization

3•    Business Strategy for Leaders (20 hours)
o    What is Strategy and the Strategic Management Process.
o    Scanning the External and Internal Environment
o    Strategy Formulation
o    Strategy Implementation
o    Evaluation and Control
o    Strategic Issues in Entrepreneurial Ventures and SME Business.

4•    Marketing: A key Success Factor (20 hours)
o    Introduction to Marketing and the Evolution of the Definitions
o    Creating Customer Value and Satisfaction
o    The Marketing Planning Process
o    Market Research and Marketing Research Planning
o    Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
o    Developing the Marketing Mix: 4Ps
o    Understanding Social Responsibility and Marketing Ethics
o    SWOT Analysis and Marketing Audit
o    Implementing Marketing Strategy and Control.

5•    Mastering the Sales Process (20 hours)
o    Sales Strategy and the Sales Function.
o    Developing Forecasts, Quotas and Budgets
o    Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Organization.
o    The Role of Knowledge in the Selling Process.
o    Prospecting
o    The Salesman Attitudes, Philosophies and Work Habits
o    Sales Management and Administration

6•    Strategic Human Resources Management (16 hours)
o    The HR Functions and their roles in the organization
o    Models for Strategic HR Management
o    Planned vs. Emergent Approaches to HR Strategy Design
o    Positioning an organization’s HR Strategy
o    Impact of other functional area strategies on HR Strategy
o    Incorporating Ethical Principles and Values in HR Strategy

7•    Understanding Business Through Managerial Finance (20 hours)
o    Finance Fundamentals, Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis.
o    Financial Recurrent Planning and Cost – Volume – Profit (CVP) Analysis.
o    Long-Term (LT) Investment Decisions (Capital Budgeting) Analysis.
o    LT Investment Analysis under Certainty, Constraints and Risk
o    LT Financing and Capital Structure Decisions
o    Dividend and Surplus Distribution Decisions
o    Working Capital Management

8•    Research Methodology (20 hours)
o    Introduction to Research and the Research Process
o    Research Ethics and Integrity
o    Critical Appraisal
o    Introduction to Research Methods (Quantitative and Qualitative)
o    Data Analysis and Interpretation
o    Critical Appraisal of different Research Methods

The participants will pass by an exam after each of these 8 modules and the final evaluation to get the certification will be based on a case study project to ensure that the participant has a comprehensive understanding of different studied tools and techniques.

+ Key Benefits

Upon the completion of the program participants will gain:
• Greater perspectives on both professional and personal sides, enabling you to develop and share your vision, lead your company and motivate your employees.
• An integrated vision of different managerial functions and how they work together.
• Global business perceptions through the analysis of best practice companies from a wide range of sectors and countries.
• Solid knowledge base and scientific foundation of management tools that enables you to work as an efficient manager.

+ Participants' Profile

This program is designed for middle level managers who exercise leadership and whose responsibilities require a concrete foundation of different management tools.
The program is excellent for newly appointed managers who seek greater opportunities in the managerial career.
At least 3 years of experience and good proficiency of English language are main prerequisites to join the program

+ Practical Information

Location: Regional IT Institute Premises.
Duration: 156 hours – 6 months.
Schedule: Twice a week from 18:00 to 22:00.
Registration Requirements: Registration form, graduation certificate copy, ID copy and 1 photo.