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Competency Development and Profiling Program Competency Development and Profiling Program

+ Overview

This program gives participants the capability to be fully engaged in the competency profiling process as a facilitator and competency developer. Following certification, participants will be able to communicate to managers and staff the benefits, components and process involved in competency-based HR Management.

+ Key Benefits

Upon the completion of the workshop you will be able to:
Communicate about competency-based management and its benefits
Customize the competencies from HRSGs competency dictionary
Develop behavioural indicators and competency profiles
Use different techniques to lead group sessions in developing competency profiles
Use competencies to support different human resource management processes (e.g., learning; selection; career development; etc.)

+ Outlines

Planning your Competency Initiative
Developing Profiles
Legal Considerations
Governance and Change Management
Implementing Competencies

+ Target Group

HR Professionals, Consultants, Managers and Executives, Managers who want to leverage the competencies of their staff.

+ Language

The Workshop will be conducted in English Language.

+ Duration

4 Days, 32 hours (from 9:00 to 17:00).