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Career Readiness Program Career Readiness Program

+ Overview

The Career readiness program was designed for senior students and fresh graduates alike no matter what their field of education or specialization. It was designed to provide them with the knowledge and know-how that they need to secure the right job and select right the career path that matches their personality and skill set. This is achieved through workshops like the Technical and Non-technical competencies, Life management and communication skills as well as self-assessment and career coaching sessions.

+ Outlines

The Career Readiness Program introduces the participant to topics such as Life Management, Communication and Presentation skills that are necessary in today’s business environment. The Workshops and coaching sessions give the participants the confidence and ability to choose and select the career path that suits them. The reports that are generated throughout the program are forwarded to our business partners for screening which could lead to a job opportunity.


The main outlines for the 4 knowledge areas of the course are:

Track A
•    1A.  Technical and non-technical Competencies workshop
•    2A.  Self- Assessment for the candidate
•    3A.  Training & development analysis results
•    4A.  Career Coaching session ( Pre T&D)

Track B
•    1B.  Life Management Workshop
•    2B.  Life Management competence building (Practice)
•    3B.  Communication Skills Workshop
•    4B.  Communication as a work competence
•    5B.  Presentation Skills Workshop
•    6B.  Presentation Time
•    7B.  Job Hunting and Interviewing Skills Workshop
•    8B.  Finding jobs, alternatives and getting hired

Track C
•    1C.  Career Coaching session (Post T&D)

+ Key Benefits

Upon completion of this program participants will be able to get the following:

  • Career Coaching session for one hour
  • Coaching session report
  • Training and Development curriculum
  • Accumulative report
  • Share the candidate’s reports with the Business Partners for screening

+ Participants' Profile

This program is aimed at senior university students and fresh graduates from different majors who need to find and know their right track into their profession path, and how to benefit from their personality and character capabilities that can be transformed into technical and non-technical competencies that the market eager to hire.

+ Practical Information

Location: Regional IT Institute Premises
Duration: 61 hours – 1 month
Schedule: Twice a week from 10:00 to 17:00
Registration Requirements: Registration, University enrolment form or graduation certificate, copy of ID and 2 photos