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Financial Analysis Financial Analysis

+ Program Dates

Program starting on:
  • 23-04-2018

+ Content

Participants will be exposed to a comprehensive financial statement analysis framework that integrates strategy, financial reporting, financial analysis and application of this framework and tools to fundamental analysis.

+ Outlines

The main outlines for the 3 knowledge areas of the diploma are as follows:
    Fundamentals of Corporate finance
    Introduction
    Accounting Vs. Finance
    Sources of financing
    Financial Markets and Intuitions

    Financial Statements, Analysis and Ratios
    Major financial statements
    Balance Sheet
    Income Statement
    Cash Flow Statement 
    The recipients of financial reports
    Comprehensive financial analysis focusing
    The Structure and Interrelationship of Financial Statements
    Different types of ratios and their various uses as well as limitations
    Foundations of Ratio and Financial Analysis
    Management’s Point of View
•    Operational Analysis
•    Analysis the cash conversion cycle
•    Profitability
    Owners ‘Point of View
•    Investment Return
•    Disposition of Earnings
•    Per Share Analysis
    Lenders ‘Point of View
•    Liquidity
•    Financial Leverage
•    Debt Service
    Free Cash Flow

    Analysing Financing Decisions;
    Short-Term Debt—Balancing Working Capital Needs
    Long-Term Debt
    Capital structure and cost of capital
    The overall weighted cost of capital “WACC”
    The Optimal Capital structure
    Dividend Policy 
    Relation between Capital Structure and Dividend Policy

+ Key Benefits

This course helps students understand how firms communicate through financial statements. They learn how to:

    Use financial statement analysis as an integral part of the strategic analysis of firms;
    Interpret financial statements, analyse cash flows, make judgments about earnings quality and uncover hidden assets and liabilities;
    Apply financial statement analysis prospectively to forecast and value firms by applying modern accounting-based technologies.

+ Participants' Profile

The Financial Analysis course was designed for participants, who are looking for introduction to financial analysis and want to gain a greater knowledge of the tools and methods used in financial analysis in corporate environments.

+ Instructors' Profile

The Finance Analysis course is conducted by experts in the field of financial analysis who not only have the academic background but have many years of practical experience at the highest level both locally and internationally.

+ Practical Information

Location: Regional IT Institute Premises
Duration: 14 hours
Schedule: Twice a week from 10:00 to 17:00
Registration Requirements: Registration form, copy of university graduation certificate, copy of ID and 2 photos