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Certified Business Analysis Professional Certificate (CBAP) Certified Business Analysis Professional Certificate (CBAP)

+ Program Dates

Program starting on:
  • 25-12-2016
  • 25-02-2017
  • 15-09-2018
  • 16-12-2018
  • 09-11-2019

+ Accreditation

This program is approved by International Institute of Business Analysis

+ Program Overview

Want to make sure that you are ready for the CBAP® exam and increase your odds of passing it on the first try? This comprehensive course will prepare you for the Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) exam and help you make the most of the limited study time you have. The course was designed, created, and is taught by CBAP® Recipient to help others focus on the critical areas to study and to provide insights into the exam. It is current with the framework of knowledge outlined by the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide) version 3.0. Additionally, you’ll learn test-taking tips and strategies, along with other practice exercises to reinforce the material.

+ Content

This program is intended to satisfy a major requirement to sit for the CBAP Exam which is attending a minimum if 21 hours of Professional Development in the past four years, other requirements include: Minimum 7500 hours of BA work experience aligned with the BABOK® Guide in the last 10 years, Minimum 900 hours in each of four of the six knowledge areas, Two references from a career manager, client or CBAP® recipient, and a Signed Code of Conduct.

The main outlines for the 5 days of the program are as follows:

Day 1: 

a. Pre-course exam

b. Foundation concepts

Day 2: 

Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

Day 3: 

a. Elicitation and Collaboration

b. Requirement Life Cycle management

Day 4:

a. Strategy Analysis

b. Requirement Analysis and Design Definition

Day 5: 

a. Solution Assessment and validation

b. Underlying Concepts

c. Final Exam 


+ Key Benefits

Upon the completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Increase your confidence and improve your chances of passing the CBAP® certification exam.
  • Streamline the massive amounts of information required to pass the test.
  • The small-class environment, group exercises, and hundreds of sample exam questions keep you engaged and aid in your retention and learning.
  • Learn from experts.
  • Receive a free copy of BABOK® Guide v3.0

+ Participants' Profile

Project Managers, Project Team Members, System Analyst, Business Analyst, System Architecture, Functional Mangers, IT Managers, IT Staff, Application Developer, Testing Team, Individuals seeking to have CBAP Certificate.

+ Practical Information

Location: Regional IT Institute Premises

Duration: 35 hours

Schedule: 5 full training days

Registration Requirements: Registration form, copy of national ID and 2 photos